Lets make post office life and those spelling challenged (like me) simple - every major city should go by their airport code Albuquerque (ABQ) Alexandra, New Zealand (ALR) Amarillo (AMA), Atlanta (ATL) …

Our ancestors were intelligent, practices like bloodletting did work. This may be because there are only three basic human medical conditions: hypo, normal, and hyper immune system(s).

To continue a dream consume processed sugar upon waking.

Whatever time one was born is by default a time one will always be awake.

Possible find to referred pain. Oversleep on purpose 4 - 6 hours and upon awakening you'll notice source pain more.

The Romans allowed the Greeks to tutor their children and probably why Roman children knew Greek translations and were aware of Greek gods. Special attention here to the word 'aware', and not believed. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all worship the same creator. Neither the bible nor qur'an implicitly state that only christians, jews, or muslims go to heaven. Ironic, all trying to get to the same place, while all taking different paths to get there. Too bad we do not at least try peace and love here. All (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) added together are outnumbered by other global beilef systems. There is always a chance, we have it wrong or right. Or for that matter, any of us, may be anywhere in between. And whose to say nirvana isn't a better place to be. Maybe a more relevant question is, where are we all now? More likely than not, we are the religious products of our environment. With more in common with one another than what any of us care to believe. So maybe, it's time to focus on common instead of different. Since humankind's dawn we have probably been prejudice, meaning 'prejudge'. It's most likely hardwired into our DNA. With that said it is how we act on that prejudice that makes a difference.

Consider this, prisoners in space; historically, it worked for Georgia(USA) and Australia. It may be better then providing the same popluatation with clothing, food, shelter, and laundry servive, for x number of years. I would guess few would make the cut. But include a pardon, and provision never to come back, one would think there would be enough volunteers to get started.

The world might be a better place without proprietary software. Not saying people shouldn't get paid, but after a few billion why not just make it public domain? Or better yet donate all profit, after payroll and some for R&D, to climate change.

Finally, the build a kid kits are in, availible at https://www.rndsystems.com/products/recombinant-human-ubch-e2-enzyme-set-protein_k-980b.

RDP - A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

Any crime could be classified as a hate crime, which is really sad. But hey, since habeas corpus may be suspended anyway, why not.

First Popular Rap song = Del Reeves 1965 -> Run-D.M.C. (1982)
First Popular Chopped and Screwed song = Falco 1985 ->DJ Screw (1990)
First Popular Mixing of Rock and Rap = Beastie Boys 1986 -> Bobby Shazam (1990)
Blondie would still get the sexy then and now nod.
- Country, rap, and rock can coexist not the same tune, just the same lyrics. For the Country scene release a line dance with it. For the Rap scene show the dance in the only music video and make editing and improvisation part of the dance; no one wants the same dance over and over again. And for us rockers, just the song please.

It is just hard for parent birds to toss their young out of a plane to learn how to fly as it is to accept an olive branch out of the bore of a rifle.

Eight score (160) years is a long-time ago and not so long ago. One thing is for sure our civil war is over. However, as long as we still believe, feel, and think that it is not - then it never will be. Social injustice and discrimination are a constant in any nation of the world. It's all too easy to complain, do something to make it better instead. In one of the few nations where anyone can make a difference. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. Yet what does remain certain - those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

In my opinion, unless it may be your child,
a lawmaker filed,
or non-lurker congress person
men have no business in the current state
of the Roe/Wade debate

There are enough supplies, resources and freshwater for everyone. Everyone’s system of culture, language, government and religion is the best. Destroying our ecosystem will not be problematic. There are not higher tables trying to bring us Covid part II or worse. We the people, together, are going to solve our world problems - fairly, quickly and make this globe a better place for every life form on this planet. Well, maybe not every life form, for instance we shouldn't have aerobic bacterium multiplying to the point of choking us out.

The polarization of America. This was someone else’s book thesis. My apologies for not catching your name. Maybe our 50/50 division(s) have always been necessary? Those loyal to the original natives of this land, those loyal to the crown, those loyal to northern aggression, those loyal to Spain, France, and later Mexico.
Those wondering what we are doing overseas trying to enforce the idea of democracy, again, and again, and again, and again, etc. Always expecting it to just work; yet funny how we do even have it here in any true sense of the word?