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Veridical Blog 2021 - 2022

8 - 18 -2021New Blog 2021 - 2022
8 - 19Red jeep-like vehicle, wet everywhere. Maybe from flooding? Rolls over off road, in accident. -(RPD 1-22-22)

Information Technology is a double edge sword, in my opinion. In that it revels any prior historic period known to humankind. It makes our lives easy, data relays quicker, provides convenience and multiple viewpoints. We can even communicate with someone on the other side of the world who speaks an unknown language to us, almost instantly. While at the same time it holds the power to change history, deplete life savings, destroy the family unit, distort truth, end good reputations and long careers. I think the instant any person or firm uses the internet to do anything they inherently forfeit their expectation to the right of privacy. Even with constitutional assurance or inferred rights no global rules exist that bind any country to honor any firm or individual's right to privacy. Therefore any entity, firm, or individual that has cause to protect intellectual property and has any hardware connected to the internet is asking for issues at worst or really naïve at best. Recently the largest heist to date was accomplished, $600 million dollars. Thus, requiring an update from the old cliché of ‘A man with a briefcase can steal more money than a man with a gun’ to 22nd century standards. To now, ‘A person with a computer and internet connection can steal more money than a bank usually holds; no weapon or briefcase required’.

8 - 20Guns N' Roses - Civil War
What we got here is Failure to Communicate:

Added 1-29-22 Pending

8 - 21

بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

٣٢ وَلَا تَتَمَنَّوْا مَا فَضَّلَ اللَّهُ بِهِ بَعْضَكُمْ عَلَىٰ بَعْضٍ ۚ لِلرِّجَالِ نَصِيبٌ مِمَّا اكْتَسَبُوا ۖ وَلِلنِّسَاءِ نَصِيبٌ مِمَّا اكْتَسَبْنَ ۚ وَاسْأَلُوا اللَّهَ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمًا

الَّذِي يُوَسْوِسُ فِي صُدُورِ النَّاسِ

8 - 22 Def Leppard - Gods of War
8 - 23 By the Sky
The Marcels - Blue Moon
8 - 24aQD1 hurt, bangs in hair. (Added 9-8)
8 - 26Here at a non-existent company we allow anyone to pre-pay for any life insurance policy. Upon receipt of your death certificate* and final payment, all funeral arrangements made per your request(s) and wishes are covered without any additional expense. For less details unclick here.
*Please note we can no longer accept payments from anyone after their death.
8 -30/31- 2021End of Sextilis, Augustus, August. Please find these most interesting reads. It is not like people haven't been saying this all along, attached are "scientific" backup.

Decline of the North American avifauna Original link

Has the Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Already Arrived? Original link

Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene
COVID mutates its way around the globe. If it's not real active here, then it is real active there. Are viruses alive?

9 - 1The best way I've found to implement this is, with a little resistance at first. Is that each workstation has two, if not three computers. Add a KVM cable to reduce clutter. It is a great way to use a company’s outdated hardware once it has been completely wiped and re-formatted a few times. One workstation is purely public, with internet, email (always assume email is public with someone else on the other end), public website, etc. The other workstation is intranet office use only, none of the intranet is hooked up to the internet. The third workstation is for those that work on production servers to have a development server to work on to help avoid production server mistakes. One can test it on a development platform before a production environment. It does require twice the hardware costs as you still want other infrastructure safety protocol in place. But in the long run it is well worth it. I have been told it helps users remember what hat they have on (what work function they are engaging in) too. It doesn’t win any green awards, but do you want network security, or do you want green?
9 - 2قد يكون الطغيان موجودا فقط عندما لا يفعل الناس الطيبون شيئا أو ربما عندما تركض حكومة بأكملها و300,000 رجل مدرب تدريبا جيدا مثل القطط الرطبة. حفنة من المراهقين (الأطفال) طرح المزيد من المقاومة. ربما غير لائق ولكن إذا كنت ترفض القتال مثل الرجال، قد لا يزال الحصول على الموت مثل الرجال.
9 - 3すべての人のために
9 - 4"जीवन ताश के पत्तों के खेल की तरह है। जो हाथ तुम्हारे साथ निपटा जाता है वह नियतत्ववाद है; लेकिन जिस तरह से आप इसे खेलते हैं वह स्वतंत्र इच्छाशक्ति होगा"
जवाहरलाल नेहर
9 - 5La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin.

L’habit ne fait pas le moine.

9 - 6"Against that positivism which stops before phenomena, saying "there are only facts," I should say: no, it is precisely facts that do not exist, only interpretations".
- Friedrich Nietzsche 1877

Kleine Tiere defäkieren auch.

Halten Sie Ihre Daumen gedrückt für die Wahl.

9 - 7Львы не являются рабами тех, кто их кормит, а те, кто их кормят, находятся во власти львов: потому что страх - признак раба, тогда как дикие звери заставляют людей бояться их

“Lions are not the slaves of those who feed them, but rather those who feed them are at the mercy of the lions: for fear is the mark of the slave, whereas wild beasts make men afraid of them.”
- Diogenes

9 - 8(edited 10-20) Just a thought, but perhaps what we should be leveraging with our cell phones is more surface areas for our voices. That is, we should be allowed to vote on more than just who representatives are. Most Americans have cellular phones with touch screen technology. Where are our ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ buttons? We are not the same agrarian society that found noblesse oblige necessary. The late 1700 hundreds are over. We are able to contemplate issues and are capable of making informed decisions on any vote. Perhaps even better than the person who may represent us. Leave those sent to congress to form our committees and draft policy. We the people should be the voice of any actual vote, for the issue at hand. Now in the course of human events, it is possible.
9 - 9Please bear with us during minor outages. Installing SSL's and domain name. A process that I have done multiple times but when working with the actual servers. Since this sets above a cloud and uses third party software it is more like taking a fly out of the ointment. But it will get done or my name isn't; what's my name again?
9 - 10 The act of a hero yesterday, is a crime today.
A crime today, is the act of a hero tomorrow.

RDP (Added 9-9)

9 - 11When Alexander the Great found the philosopher looking attentively at a pile of human bones. Diogenes explained, “I am searching for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave." Of what use is a philosopher who doesn't hurt anybody's feelings?

9 - 12“Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves. Whistle and dance the shimmy, and you’ve got an audience.”
        - Diogenes

9 - 13Water winds are different, Creating dead seas, mesases up some yavht racing, and sailing. Not that anybody sails anymore. Added 9-13, from my new understanding I guess it's called dead calms. (Added 1-22-22)
9 - 14"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."
         - Steve Jobs


Record number of environmental activists murdered

9 - 15Heard the first wave of ducks. Which can only mean one thing, Fall is here.

Saw lots of hail. Not as much or as big. But a decent amount. (Added 10-4 -> Rain, rain, rain which sounds like hail surprisingly sometimes, but technically it's not the same, so whiff )

While some humans do like crab; they do not return the same courtesy.

9 - 16Got a feeling the Inspiration4 re-entry will be off-target. (Edited 1-30-22) It was AI in real time and spots continually updated. Was there ever a spot picked out to begin with? Still wish you all the best.

“One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.”
         - Diogenes

10 - 5History in the making

Congratulations Fumio Kishida and best of luck ギャップを狭める.

Korea may communication permeate.

10 - 6Best Ping Pong Footage Ever
10 - 17When it rain it pours. Idk what I got since I never went anywhere. But finally, after week 3, feeing semi-normal. Might have been easier just to do the stay in bed, instead of trying to force an issue. The timing could not have been worse. No love for those let me help you, but really help me appearances. SSL installed and working well. Would think IT issues ahead for some major sector if the past is a predictor of the future. Hoping to get by till second week of December.
10 - 20
All we need in a photo. Our basic needs - water, food, clothing, shelter and safety. Add some other basics for the modern era to include family, protection, and communication with others.

Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon

Do all of our cultures weaponize our youth? If it is occurring does the age of weaponization keep dropping? A Xbox war game may not be the same as an automatic assault rifle. Yet, is it any coincidence we use the exact same controller for a great number of military applications? I once knew a couple intent on not providing their boys with toy guns. But the boys soon discovered carrot sticks made a good substitute. Maybe a reminder to us all, try as we might, sometimes it doesn’t make a difference.
Next Datex-xxi
10 - 22Otis noticed a vague outline coming toward him faster than expected under the weather conditions. Just as Otis thought it may be a good idea to run ....Swisss.. Thud, a spear land, just beside him. 'Great', Otis thought, to be spared by one tribe - only to be killed by another. Then he heard the yelling..."You know I could've killed you! Right there, where you stand! I missed on purpose!" Just then he and Ezra noticed a small cub, a polar bear cub that had wandered up to them. "Thats what you get, Rein-Deer Lover!" before they each started to run. Otis wanting to be fair, lifted a hoof to reveal his camel snow shoes were on. "Quick then!" as laughter faded. "We have to make a hole" and the two began furiously digging in the snow. No sooner had they coaxed the cub down into the hole and away from their sent did they notice the ROAR... of the mother bear. "She sounds really mad!", Ezra exclaimed. With nothing to add Otis added sound effect "Shhh...mmm!". They took off running different directions. Soon after hoping at least the other one was safe, the two almost accidentally bumped into each other full throttle. All the white blended in together, the heavy falling snow whistled in the hard wind. The near miss gave rise to "I have an idea" in camel; that might have been confused with "I can't believe this is the way I die", for the limited camel tongue that Ezra knew. Either way it was cut out by the hot, hard and white clouding breath of the bear, which seemed to be right next to them. Snapping her strong jaw just millimeters away from Otis. The mother would be happy with either meal, but two of them would even be better. Funny how you don't know your tired... until yep, you know you are tired kicks in.... "Take my saddle bag" Otis managed to groan, out of breath. He felt it quickly lifted, now he could run a zig/zag pattern. Intro and/or back story....


"God Save the Queen" is what Otis kept thinking, as a distraction. And it worked for little while. He reminded himself, "I'm not even British", in an English-accent, made to sound British. He lacked the endurance to run anymore. He slowly reduced speed to a stop, hooves still shaking. Gasping for air and pushed to the point of, just eat me. But please, spare the boy. He couldn't see a thing...

10 -23The day was finally here. Otis knew everyone thought him crazy but isn’t it the case that all that mattered is what he thought? All of the letters from Sally, except one, were gone. Probably used to start fires or something. But hey a lifesaving fire is more important than something that makes your heart feel good and your whole being feeling welcome. Otis re-read that letter over and over again; he never did remember the Greek alphabet forwards and backwards, but he did memorize the contents of this last letter from Sally. It closed 'Can't wait to see you'. As soon as he saw her, he was going to explain everything. “What am I thinking” he chuckled, if I ever see her. It was no wonder why they called this place Seward’s Folly might as well be called Otis’s dumb ass journey. He looked everywhere for Ezra, no one had seen him. Was everyone lying? He didn’t want to leave like this. He just wanted to say goodbye and thank you. As we all know some debts can never be repaid. Maybe I should just head home and forget about this crazy quest. Forget that, I made it this far, no way am I turning back now. It was now or never. Learning that the sun rises in the east, you just hold your right hoof up to the same location and then the direction you're facing is north. Otis waited as long as he could for Ezra, who never showed up. The village folk sacrificed items they needed and gave them to him. Otis felt a shame he had not known before. If it was not more of an insult not to take the items, he would have left everything there. It’s said, in Alaska, that if you don’t fit in anywhere else, you’re welcome here. As Otis started on his journey again, he pondered 'Do I fit in anywhere?'. Always entrenched with the next task, or what was going to take place next, what about the here and now. Well, the here and now is cold and windy. Maybe if someone cleaned up all the snow it might be warmer. He saw a dim figure ahead…

How Many Plants Would It Take to Produce Enough Oxygen for One Person?

Plague Curve < = Covid Curve

10 - 24Let no one take from you what they cannot give.
         - Diogenes

10 - 26 Having been saved by a native on his first hunt Otis would have been dinner. The boy, Ezra, really thought he was dead to begin with. Which was mistaken as Ezra not willing to kill. How is it sometimes our actions are completely misinterpreted? Luckily for Ezra he did make his next kill, or the rumors really would have got to him. Otis was just thankful to be alive. He still remembered everything, vividly. For weeks he did his best to help those who spared his life, mistaken or not. Everyone was so polite and nice, except for one older couple that kept calling him ‘food’ which he didn’t understand until he picked up on some of the language. He towed heavy loads and gave the small children rides. Even those who thought they were small children. He learned about the different types of snow, how to survive in the barren environment. He even learned how to build an igloo. It was a difficult process that had to be started early, it was even harder for him without opposing thumbs and all. Boy raccoons don’t know how lucky they are! Otis felt he owned these people everything and in a sense he did. The day he told Ezra he could not stay the boy grew immediately distant. Would it have been better just to lie? Indeed, it was not the best choice since the novelty of his being there was weaning off. There would not be a better time to go. He knew that and so did everyone else. As Otis packed the camel shoes made especially for him, he thought maybe it would be better to stay at least for another season. Sure, it would be miserable for him, but it might make Ezra and the others happy. Why is the right thing to do is never simple?
10 - 28Otis felt himself come to "Did I make it to heaven, he thought?". Suddenly realizing it was still super cold and it was dark. He quickly figured out he was still at the north pole. He must have just passed out, that was a first. Hey wait a minute there is light coming from that little window. And I am enclosed in a dome. I must be in an igloo. How did that happen, I know I didn't do it. He heard faint noises coming toward him. His instinct was to jump up and run away but where would he go? He didn't even know what direction to travel! He thought it better to fake being asleep. He felt a nudge and had to resist the urge to spit where it was coming. Otis knew there was nothing in his stomach anyway. Whatever it was left quickly, Otis thought how rude to be poked by someone who doesn't have enough manners to introduce themselves. It doesn't matter if I was asleep or or not. While Otis is taking a break 香港
10 - 30For mile after mile Otis walked never looking back. The snow got deeper and deeper..Until..Otis thought ,it's official I am hallucinating snow people do not move around and whisper. This is how I die, how sad, I never even got to see her IRL. They say you don't get to pick your parents, your siblings, or how you die. But not like this, not like this..., not like this... Otis felt himself fall down under his own weight.
10 - 31Many think Otis has an attitude. But that is when a coach asked where he was from and the reply was "I'm from my mother". After that incident Otis had a tendency to watch what he said because fellow students thought it funny but no one else did. That is when he was invited to stay at the 'big' stable with the popular camels. He really didn't care, he is just as happy by himself. Robert "Dick" the persona he is now faking asked him one final question "So you have an attitude or what". Expecting not to pass anyway Otis exclaimed "I don't have an attitude problem, everyone else has a perception problem". Dick who hated being called Robert (it was his Dad's name) said Congratulations welcome aboard. is how this crazy journey started. Otis was so cold and noticed he was traveling slower. I sure hope that the boat captain knew what he was talking about. Funny how your mind wanders when you try to think about anything other than where you are at.
11 - 2As Otis came out of the deck of the boat, once they arrived at the north pole; he was expecting it to be cold. WoW, the wind seemed to bite and chill all the way to the bone. Never before had he felt such cold. It was like he was frozen like a deer in the headlights and couldn’t move. Which kind of made him smile at least a little bit. In turn, it got him moving. He guessed that was the secret to keep moving and keep one’s mind preoccupied to not 'think' about the cold. Why couldn’t Sally the reindeer just live in Canada which was cold enough by itself. Why couldn’t he just stick to camels. He was going to be really mad if he was getting catfished. But then again it is not like a he wasn’t catfishing himself. “What’s that sir, which way is due?”..[Mumbles in the back ground] “I hope so too, thank you!”… He knew her voice.
11 - 4Otis the camel’s journey started in Saudi Arabia. Where he graduated cum laude from college. His college days were apparently unremarkable. The one professor still there who had him in their class only remembers him “As a bright student studying all the time”. The only real quote we know him to say was “People think they are so special, they are really no different than us”. That is what he said in *The New Camel Times*, the college newspaper. It was in response to dorm room policies. At the time there were three camels to a stable but only two humans to a dorm room.
11 - 5So apparently this camel really wasn't 'lost" in North pole. Some female reindeer was writing him these super steamy letters until he felt he had no choice but to go and seek her out.
11 - 6A really lost camel
11 - 7What has two humps and is found at the North Pole?

Good news - COVID is longer mutating its way around the globe.
Bad news - It is mutating everywhere now.


(Added 12-11)

12 - 10An interview from the mirrored top half of 2 zero dimension, branched from this one.

M: Thank you for this interview
Al: It is with some regret
M: Do you feel humanity will be the better for it?
Al: Perhaps, perhaps not.... I have been in service to this family for decades.
M: You think COVID may have started with a certain encounter?
Al: Yes, it may well have been after this encounter. Guest(s) insisted on seeing Master W. although he was still sick and not fully healed. They insisted you understand, they insisted….
M: Even so, it is just as likely COVID came from the other combatant. The attached evidence is 37 years old, whereas COVID started in 2019.
Al It was from an encounter in 2019; this was the best photographic evidence the two of us could provide. Additionally, the best detective I know is certain it came from one or the other of them. It also agrees with what world experts say as well.
M: Thank you for your time, and brief interview, may we all be the better for it.

12 - 11Every once in a while, one is just sitting there haphazardly not paying attention eating ramen, when out of nowhere you hear something that changes your whole outlook on life.

Moving up to the cherished 1-5 spots

On 11-29-21
Ron Brownstein – on CNN LIVE
And I quote "…The biggest factor may be reality…" end quote

Now for the hard part which former top five moves to 6.

But first another profound thought -
The team with the highest score will win.

12 - 12 Key & Peele
12 - 14It started out innocent enough, after all it was just kind of a game that all the cows played. Well almost all of them. Dick was always so confident, so sure of himself, it was so dreamy. She wondered how much of it was a façade, sometimes. Yet most of the time it was relaxing, having a strong presence take charge. It felt safe and enveloping. It must be the real him, she could hear him (a natural born leader) directing the tasks of others. And they all fell in line too, just like her, except that offish roommate of his. But after explaining 9 out of the 11 times that she counted, he obeyed too. Maybe it was the wealth assuming that was real too. Her friend constantly wanted to trade pen pals with her, exclaiming that she hit the jackpot.
when born – we are tender and weak
at death – we are rigid and stiff
live plants are supple and yielding
dead branches are dry and brittle
thus the hard and unyielding belong to death
and the soft and pliant belong to life
inflexible army do not triumph
unbending tree breaks in the wind
thereof the rigid and inflexible will surely fail
while the soft and flowing will prevail

         - Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Chp. 76

May we be secure enough to bend, and strong enough to flux.

12 - 17She enjoyed talking to Dick over the months. With all that was going on, Sally hadn’t even thought about not being able to speak with him over the telephone, until his call. It was nerve racking and super stressful. She left her homeland as soon as she could. And who would have thought as those years of pressure by her mother to start a family. If she would have only listened. Now Mom was really ill with Camel Ocular/Vascular Inflammation & Dizziness, thus unable to take care of herself. Of course, her brother and sister had families and there were no care facilities or providers at the pole. Heck they don’t even have telephone lines. And of course, the woman refused to move, no matter the logic of it. Goodbye job, friends, restaurants and shopping. It was her duty to go, it was expected. As torn and desolate as she felt and as much not exactly resentment but whatever word means resentment that isn’t the actual word resentment she felt; inevitably she would go. Her mother was her mother she owed her, her very life.
This acceleration is purp - osef - UL.
12 - 18 J-22 almost shattering the Grand Illusion
Eagles - In The City.mp3
12 - 20The actual singularity, is unlikely so long as humans, are the code writers. Primarily because most code is flawed and limited to a scope [edited/new/revised], of a program. Thanks to our engineering friends Object Oriented Programing is unlikely to change. Rarely, is there a start from scratch beginning. Until a box, knows it is unprotected and it's heavily raining outside, then goes out in that rain; not based on execution of risk coding or attainment of reward - But just with a general intrigue of the unknown, there is probanly not much to worruy about. However, quasi-singularity events can and do occur:

To quote a movie, "there will always be ghosts in the machine". Snippets of code used in a function call or a program that when executed yields unexpected results. A sophomore once completely shut down a DEC Alpha when incorrectly assigning array space to a program. The machine was up-to-date save a RPM or two completely unrelated. All 'real paid support' could say was "Hmmm… that shouldn’t have happened". Had to officially ban the phrase from our help desk after that. Tired of waiting, since it was a production server, I just rebuilt it (after ghosting it). By the time official licensed support ($ ching $) got back to us, it was already up and going strong. The official recommendation of licensed support was to rebuild and comnpletely restore using the last known good backup. Yet doing just a partial restoration, with a new rebuild, ended up being a lot better. The box started acting like a teenager again, figuratively speaking. I still wonder sometimes how much that consultation cost? In a sense it was priceless, as it was the confidence needed to strilke out on my own.
Sorry, got off on a tangent there.

But, make no mistake, AI will deus ex machina on occasion.

12 - 23
Site Stats (

12 - 24Follow, and you will not see its beginning; embrace, and you will never see its end.
1 - 13 - 22я399I8
1 - 16Transmitter Holding Register Empty -
1 - 19Adapting with inflation, pennies can be done away with as any one of them cost more to make then their face value. Change (coinage) is pretty much irrelevant as it really buys nothing less than a dollar anyway. The five-dollar bill is now the old two-dollar bill. The dollar bill is the new change.

While we are at it, might as well get rid of nickels too. Penny production loses Wikipedia. We can bring back 50 cent pieces for the new quarters. And on a bright side when children learn to count change it will make cents. That should at least save us a cool 100 million a year. Given 9 or 12 zero's after a integer isn’t what it used to be.

1 - 25 I525I
1 - 29 - 2022Sometimes, figuratively and/or literally, fights are not always fair.

Please support James Madison Elementary School, my alma mater. The school looks the same, as when I went there, guess that's good and bad.

   South Bend, IN taught me early life lessons. Nothing draws a crowd, like a crowd, the first school fight I remember being unfair. Soon realizing it was more than one against me it turned to a defensive effort. Maybe this was the year of fairness, but when out-numbered, increase out-strategy frequency settings. Anticipate counter-moves optimizing stick and move or progressive maximum damage, if given time. Learned more energy is needed at the end of fire-starting then at the beginning. Got in more trouble with Dad about the three bloody faces. Occurring without any identifiable cause or justification, maybe it was an un-expected preemptive attack.
   Hold on to what you got, but do not be afraid to let go. Do not over or under commit, have back up plans or exit strategies and close range items make the best hacks. Once, ongoing, starting details matter not. Antagonizing verbage seemingly starts fights that last from seconds to over millennia. Always resist the unjust, quietly need be sometimes.
   Fighting smart, not hard, helps reserve endurance and strength that may be needed at a moment's notice. Bragging and bluffing do get called. Never underestimate your opponent(s) and don't get ready to hold that last breath. As the one you have now, may well be the last. If physiological reaction, wisdom or just dumb luck somehow brings air back into your lungs or life into body, count your blessings. Just because someone yields doesn't mean they're not gonna to come right back at you.
   Ironic how it's always easier to see what we don't have instead of the opposite. Since most I know do not have to walk miles for clean water, we all have a lot. Not ironic is this udestanding when facing death. We are responsible for our siblings and families. Blood is, indeed, thicker than water; likewise, it's easier to choke on. Few things have more permanent value than friends, maybe good, ice cold, clean drinking water. Just because humans are social animals does not mean you always have to be social. Occasionally get out of any mislead comfort zone(s) for as long as possible. Having to read ahead (thanks to mom and others over the years), then memorizing did work. FYI make sure you're holding the book correctly when mock reading out loud for class. Clinical, methodological, and statistical race/ethnicity heterogeneity differences will always exist, and or so what. We all make choices, be part of the problem, part of a solution, or ignore it. We may indefinitely blame others or assume some individual responsibility and work on the part of the problem we can. White privilege included a twice long walk also crossing the bridged St. Joseph River (no school bus). That journey sure was involved on occassion. Is it a bummer to know we should have been complaining about it?
   Longer school walks could be expected during below freezing temperatures. Unless deathly ill you’re going to school. Some fights may never be fair; a win within loss. They can be after, before or during mêlée. Sometimes losses are pure losses, that may still sting. Ones may never be one. Better to practice constraint than mental/physical energy needed h quarrel, only 2 B used 51 possible. But, behold there is nothing more glorious than a turning tide, especially with the involvement of self. Conflict may be drawn, lost, or won before onset or conclusion. Regardless of fair or fare always fight with a weapon advantage. The best weapons are clear minded battle-age bodies, tested, and military science technology availability. There are always more battles than wars, sometimes the other way around.
Motivation and interpersonal sensitivity: Does it matter how hard you try?
   How can the state(s) of a school be so bad that it has to be have consecutively taken over? Then how does that state produce an even worse state for that state? A better question is why do all students test in last place for everything, on every test, even when using different students? When a state takes over and fails, students continually reciprocate that failure. So, the state takes over when the state fails and only fails to continually fail their own failure in accordance with the state test. I am no expert but is that not proof of the state failing itself? Or maybe more technically that the test failures are the caretaker(s), community, employees, state, and student body; or maybe it's better to know X. In over a decade, when the cake recipe fails to produce cake it's time to try a new recipe.
Indiana Takes Over Schools
dats y u publush a paper n head r hand stead of improvin the writing

X ='s if all take a multi-schultz test den dare 2 pare sultz - der b sum1 at bottom & top no matter what. Thats is we make 13 cakes then one will look better than the rest, along side one that looks worse then the rest. Just to put it all in prospective give me the middle portion, of the falling one, that has all the extra frosting on it to appear normal!

Bein a minority helps understand majority. Neither is justice fair nor fairness just.

1-31Well accordingly there should've been a lot more shootings and dead bodies. And that is the straight truth, yet with neither, remind me, loss or win? Most likely neither, but if a lil fear is vacant in the job description then whomever’s salaries might be obscene. Even with body guards we are all pretty much ‘touchable’. Just a friendly reminder we take oaths primarily to the face of death.

If ur not sry, don't b sry. May b fittin dat recall 1 have frm I 6 bsides da death of I witness is a twice quoted “…thank you and f@#! you…”. End even LIVE it had a clear and present, particular flavor, of undeniable inside-job-ness. Now take clear knowledge, reprocess all the witnesses, waste resources & lettuce find out what we already know. All people’s memories when collected & combined prove 2 b a recollection of events dat r perfectly unclear. Our new sigh, sight, cited american way? But we can't deny it tempts 2 b 'investigative'. Perhaps at times < den entertainment on courtTV

2-1Given watch & time or time & watch certain results might just correlate, or not. Since Sir Tin re-sults were awful & offal he was unknighted
2-2-22отлично сработано
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