Summer Blog 2022

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Summer Blog 2022

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6 - 5 - 2022
6 19The key to life is knowing that the lock is broken.
6 23
6 27I did find a dollar in some assorted belongings, so yeah, that can only help
6 28Maybe we have the system backwards? There was no king until we built the castle
7 3M/A anniversary, may we all RIP, when the times comes. Hard for hundreds to rest in peace, when there are future thousands behind you. With mils listening through the walls, and bils wondering.
7 4Just add water, but at a certain point; soup just becomes discolored water with a vegetable or two.
Happy Birthday America
9 7

عید قربان


7 13They ought to sell tickets. Life, what a ride!
7 16 Don’t invite me if you want everyone to ignore the elephant. I am also likely to point out that accumulating feces stinks.
7 25
7 27Does it matter where the fire started if there is no anchor point and all is blacklined? Have we become so obsessed with cause, that effect is now treated secondarily?
7 29
31-7-22 Non Earth Day, owed each and every life. Since our earliest ancestor opened eye to her gauze every mineral, vegetable, nah every whim provided for. All that walk and think withdraw. THIS one day make a deposit. Please truce and turn off all electricity between 13:00 to 16:00
8 6 ne stitch or inch is a bitch pinch
8 21
8 22F(x) has been banned from its platforms for violating its policies regarding dangerous individuals and organizations and hate speech. No speech is free of interpretation. Ass, beau cave, bitch, bloody oath, suck, skeet, and Fornication Under Consent of the King all linguistically correct in the right context. Since when is hate speech not free speech, 1783? And do network news channels know about these anti-hate speech rules? Say what you will, unless pre-arranged, you’re the one that has to go through that parking lot to get the car. One may have better odds of convincing the general population it is not exactly right, no matter how many millions see it as acceptable. But no worries, just blame your parents later down the road.
8 23Biology <-> Chemistry <-> Physics <-<> Math confounded by our 'necessary' understanding(s).
Is it possible for that which knows, to know itself?
8 23Biology <-> Chemistry <-> Physics <-<> Math confounded by our 'necessary' understanding(s).
Is it possible for that which knows, to know itself?
8 26    
8 27pan, tilt, zoom, folk-cuss, blur
8 28Noble effort and miss-tackle > nowhere near the ball. For us on the sideline, stands, or plasma fan.
Rage Against the Machine - No Shelter
8 29Totalitarianism may no longer be a system of political ideas that is either dictatorial or utopian but an ideal governing notion, un̷boticed.
8 30Populations 1) weak and impoverished difficult to care who is or who claims to be in charge when babies are starving 2) all basic needs meant allowing self-absorption of any framed-button-issue to account for free thought
8 31Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say…
     - Bernard Meltzer
9 1Please syndicate 'Snowman and Robot'
9 2Well, defer rent or lease to bye; we’ll be different?
9 4O’ Slider Slide - 16 hours ago
CHICAGO (AP) — White Sox ace Dylan Cease lost his bid for a no-hitter when Luis Arraez singled for Minnesota with two out in the ninth inning. Sept. 3, 2022, at 21:45 — Add. The W was more important, still outstanding effort from the whole team.
5 9 22In Memory - Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (2 March 1931 - 30 August 2022)
9 9Vividness
10 9God Save the Queen - In Memory - Elizabeth II Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022)
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9 13
9 15Deep Purple
At least two new significant drugs are soon to be released. Binary Toast
9 17There is no They. Sadly, we are we. The same caved huddled masses protecting our young just for later sacrifice. While we can transplant organs and manufacture Mach 8 planes; we are just as capable of extinguishing all life, twice plus over. We single-handedly rid our planet of perhaps necessary species and insist on trying to protect those who only want to destroy each other. How far have we really come? Competent enough to genetically engineer our crops to feed a world population once thought to never exist; cruel enough to keep slavery around. Socially stratified, yet skilled enough to provide untold charity anywhere on earth. Is there unexplained phenomenon, yes there always will be, and always has been.
In my opinion, blood is life and that blood should be soaked up by the ground upon death.
9 18Beware not a hungry wolf, but clamorous sheep.